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How do I get there?

The venue is just off the M25 motorway in Kent, about an hour drive from London. On public transport, the nearest train station is Orpington, which is in the London travel zone 6, just a quick 20-30 minute train ride from London Bridge station. From Orpington station, it’s about a £10 Black taxi or Gett taxi ride, though we plan to have ride shares and pick ups from the station. The exact location of the event will be shared in a confirmation email after registration.

How much does it cost?

We have a full list of prices available on our booking page. Just head over there and click 'Display Price List'.

How do I book?

Simply visit our booking page right here on the Nomads in a Field site!

What about programming, sessions, and services?

We are in the process of confirming presenters and scheduled activities. We look forward to hosting sessions such as:

  • Jewish learning: Sessions on Torah, topics of spiritual, historical, and cultural interest
  • Earth & Field: Gardening and allotment sessions, Judaism and agricultural traditions, composting, plants for kids
  • Nomad Games: Outdoor games for all ages, indoor when the weather isn't ideal!
  • Nomads Cinema: Indoor movies for all ages, favourite musical sing alongs
  • Yoga, movement, and fitness sessions: Facilitated by an experienced facilitator
  • Social/Environmental issues sessions: Sustainable living, social justice, diversity, interfaith...
  • Nomads Open Mic: Music, spoken word, comedy, story telling...
  • Silent Disco & Dance Party: Shake what your bubbelah gave you!

Please check in with us as this evolves. If you want to lead a programme, session, or prayer service, please get in touch!

Is there any indoor space to sleep?

We are encouraging everyone to camp or caravan to keep the "Fields" vibe but there are plenty of indoor shared dorm-style rooms available for booking, which are individual beds in single gender dorm-style rooms. Alternatively, an entire room can be booked by one or more families and mixed gender group of friends when booking together. See our booking page for further information on individual and group bookings.

For people with mobility challenges or special medical needs, there is a barrier-free, ground floor disability accessible shared room with 6 single beds (including 1 electric single bed), with an en suite barrier-free shower, Hoyer lift, and direct barrier-free access to the field. Priority for this room will be given to participants with disabilities or specific medical needs and their carers.

Standard indoor accommodation is priced differently than camping outdoors, as per site policy, and bedding is included. Accommodation in the barrier-free disability accessible room is priced the same as outdoor camping, to ensure equal access for those with mobility or medical challenges.

What about accessibility for participants with disabilities or specific medical needs?

We aim to provide safe, equal, and accessible accommodation for participants with disabilities and specific medical needs.

See the section above for specific indoor accommodation for people with mobility challenges or specific medical needs. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss Nomads accessibility to make arrangements, in confidence.

What kind of facilities are provided on site?

The outdoor and indoor facilities on site have something to offer for everyone! You may be inspired to create a session or lead an activity in one of these awesome areas (please get in touch to become one of our Nomads Presenters or Activity Leaders).

  • Large children’s playground area, separate from the main camping field
  • Small children’s play area (supervised by parents), near main camping field
  • Obstacle course (teens and adults only)
  • Organic farm, medicinal & herb garden, and composting area
  • Picnic table area in the shade
  • Tennis court* (bring your own equipment)
  • Brick BBQ grilling shelter*
  • Bonfire pit*

  • Main dining hall (seats 80+)
  • Stately living room (seats 20+)
  • Movie room with projector* (seats 30+, can expand into side room)
  • Table Tennis and piano room*
  • Arts & Crafts room – shared with Music room (seats 40+)
  • Music room (drum kit, guitar, and keyboard available on site*)
  • Indoor pool (supervision required, limited open hours )

(*Not in use over Shabbat, within Eruv)

Are there showers and toilets near the camping area?

There are indoor showers and indoor toilets easily accessible from the camping area for both men and women (unisex/disabled toilets and showers also available).

What shall I bring, aside from my tent, bedding, towel, clothing, and toiletries?

Aside from the very basics needed for camping such as tent, air mattress, and a good sleeping bag, you can bring whatever you like (within reason)! Games, musical instruments, fancy dress, solar lights, picnic blankets, outdoor furniture, a gazebo, hopes & dreams….. But definitely bring clothing for warm, cool, both sunny and wet weather conditions because UK weather, right?

Please bring a reusable water bottle and tea/coffee thermos or mug for yourself and each member of your family, as we will not provide reusable cups or disposable cups to prevent waste and embrace our environmentally conscious values. If you forget to bring one, we will have a limited number of mugs to borrow or it’s possible to pop into town and pick one up at a shop.

You’re also encouraged to bring your own kosher vegetarian snacks for outside of meal times and your preferred beverages. Please keep in mind the need to store your food wisely to avoid unexpected hungry wildlife tent visitors! We will provide space for children’s food items or medication that requires refrigeration.

Is the event and catering kosher?

The on-site kitchen is fully kosher all year round. We will be catering vegetarian and vegan menus. Food served on Shabbat will meet Shomer-Shabbat requirements. Depending on registration numbers, we may hold an outdoor vegetarian BBQ after Shabbat goes out and/or on Sunday night (to be confirmed).

What about Shabbat?

We are a pluralistic community and kindly request that people celebrate Shabbat in public spaces in a way that shows respect for all observance levels.

There is an Eruv on site around the main grounds and part of the yard area, which is marked, but it does not fully extend down to the main open camping field. For those who want to camp within the Eruv, there is camping space and it will be clearly marked for people to set up their tents before Shabbat comes in. Please indicate on the registration page if you need a camping space within the Eruv. All indoor shared accommodation is inside the Eruv.

Is this event non-denominational and open to all Jewish people, their partners, and families?

Nomads is dedicated to creating a safe, positive, and welcoming space for all members of our community. This event actively welcomes people from all denominations and diverse walks of life within the Jewish world, from observant to secular and in between, interfaith families, and LGBTQ+ community members. Please contact us if you have questions about inclusiveness and accessibility.

Any other good questions to ask?

Good question! If you think we should add more info here, please get in touch!

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