Nomads in a Field | Kids and Teens

Kids and Teens

This is a Family Friendly event!
Together we are creating an event that is both fun for kids and easy for parents.

There is a large dedicated playground area on site and we will also provide a safe and fun children’s play area on the main camping field. This play area will be fenced off and secure for toddlers. Next to the play area, there will be a seating area for parents to hang out with your cups of teas, coffees, etc. You can keep an eye on your kids, relax and chat with your friends as the little ones will not be able to run off! As part of the community spirit of this event, we are asking each family to bring a few fun and safe outdoor kids’ items to lend to this communal play area for the weekend (play mats, picnic blankets, outdoor toys, safe outdoor games, etc). It’s very much about what we all bring to share.

As this is a small grassroots kind of event, when families have booked, we will try develop the children’s programming together based on numbers and figure out a rota for watching the kids, so that parents can have some time off (to go to a session and drink a cuppa in peace!)

We are inviting participants and parents to run age-appropriate kids activities such as singing with guitars, games and arts and crafts. There is a dedicated Arts and Music room on site, including musical instruments for adults (drums, guitar, keyboard)! If you would like to run such a session, please let us know ASAP. We welcome creativity, art, music, and sharing activities your kids really enjoy.

Nomads site has great facilities for teens (and teens at heart!), with an obstacle course, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, huge open field, outdoor social spaces, arts and crafts room, table tennis indoors, musical equipment available for jam sessions, movie room in the main house, and endless possibilities for adult participants to lead teen activities. Please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. Additionally, if your teen is bold and creative, we welcome teen-led sessions, which would be supervised by one of the Nomads Crew.

There will be plain foods available for selective eaters among our kids. There will be dairy and plant based milks available, as well as limited fridge space to keep any special children’s food only (not for general participant use) – All kids’ food stored in the on-site fridges must be kosher and vegetarian.

If there are participants with nut allergies attending, we will ensure that all Nomads catering is fully nut free and no nuts allowed in the communal indoor dining areas.

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