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Kosher Kitchen

All Meals Provided

At Nomads, we will provide delicious and healthy kosher vegetarian meals throughout the event. Both vegetarian and vegan menu options will be available. Hot water, instant coffee, tea and milk options (dairy and plant-based) will be provided throughout the day. There will be plain foods available for children and adults who require them.

Participants are invited to provide their own between-meal snacks and other beverages aside from hot drinks, milks, and water. Orpington is just a short drive away for those wanting to restock their supplies. Be aware of wildlife when storing food as Nomads won't take responsibility for visiting critters if you've left snacks out!


The kitchen on site is fully kosher all year round and all meals will be provided by the site's Kosher catering team. Nomads is a vegetarian event, so no meat will be provided or served in the dining hall over the course of the event. Cheese and processed dairy products provided are hechshered. Shabbat meals are prepared in advance to keep Shomer Shabbat. Participants are kindly requested not to bring any non-kosher food on site.

Please contact us ASAP if you have specific dietary needs or food allergies.

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